Major Advising

Due to COVID-19 precautions, all advising for Psychology, Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and Science and Technology Studies will be available remotely (online/phone via Zoom) during Spring 2020.

Email Advising

You may email advising questions to one of the following inboxes:

Drop-In Advising

You may sign up for drop-in during our regular drop-in hours, and a peer advisor will assist you as soon as it's your turn.

  1. Sign up for virtual Drop-In Advising to be added to the drop-in list.
  2. You may view your spot on the drop-in waitlist at anytime.
  3. Open Google Hangout. Select Invites view and wait for a chat invitation from ucdycpeer1. You must accept our chat invitation within 5 minutes or forfeit your position on the drop-in list. (examples below)
Instructions for Google Hangout
hamburger icon invites tab

NOTE: Peer advisors cannot access student information on OASIS remotely. They will address your general questions during chat. If you have more specific questions, you may choose to share your academic information during chat advising (e.g. screenshots) for the sake of addressing your questions.


Appointments with staff advisors are very limited, and we appreciate your patience. Appointments are limited to:

  • students declared in Psychology, Philosophy, Science and Technology Studies or Cognitive Sciences.
  • sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 

You may book an appointment using the UC Davis Appointment System.

Undergraduate Advisors

Appointments & Listserv

Advising appointments are reserved for sophomore, junior, and senior students declared in Psychology, Philosophy, Science and Technology Studies, or Cognitive Sciences. If you are a first-year student in one of these majors, or you are not currently declared in any one of these majors, you can meet with an advisor during drop-in advising.

book an advising appointment

The Listserv is a newsletter that includes major-related news about courses, research, job/internship opportunities, scholarships, grad programs, and more.