Purchasing & Reimbursements


The Yellow Cluster Business Offices staff are happy to assist with any purchases needed to aid your work with the university.  Please download and fill out a Purchasing Request form and return it to your business office contact. There are a few ways that purchases can be handled:


Many items from vendors like Amazon and Office Depot can be purchased directly via AggieBuy. Provide links to items you would like purchased on the purchasing request form and your business office staff can order it for you. 

Purchasing Card

Purchasing cards are available to pay for subscriptions, memberships, and supplies that aren't available via AggieBuy. Please submit a purchasing request with a detailed description of what you need purchased, and a staff member with a purchasing card can assist you. 

Purchase Order (PO)

Occasionally, a PO is needed to pay for goods/services. If your purchases meets any of the following criteria, it requires a purchase order:

  • Purchase of services (guest speakers, data, professional development, etc.)
  • Total dollar amount is over $4,999.99
  • Any agreement with terms and conditions requiring a signature

Please note that processing POs may take up to 4-6 weeks to be approved by the university's Procurement & Contract Services. If you think your purchase will need a PO, please review the "How do I request a PO?" section of the purchasing request form and submit your request as soon as possible.

Purchasing Computers, Laptops, Tablets, etc.

Certain tech purchases need to be directed to the IT department. You can visit their purchasing page for more information. 

Purchasing Postage/Shipping

University employees are able to utilize AggieShip to pay for business related postage and shipping costs. By accessing the AggieShip portal you can input addresses, account numbers, and delivery instructions to generate a shipping label that is charged directly to the department.


The Yellow Cluster Business Offices are happy to process any reimbursement requests you have. To request reimbursement, please download and fill out the correct form below and return it to your business office contact