Permission to Add (PTA) Numbers

PTA numbers are generated by the academic advising office for the department offering the course you wish to add. Yellow Cluster Advising administers PTA numbers for PSC, PHI, CGS, and STS courses.

When is it appropriate to request a PTA number?

  • You were dropped from the course due to non-payment
  • You were dropped from the course due to an administrative (University) error
  • You wish to enroll in a time-conflicted course (only if the course is open, and you meet the prerequisites)
  • You meet the prerequisites, and it is AFTER the 12th day or instruction 
Not Appropriate
  • The course is full, and it is BEFORE the 12th day or instruction
  • You do not meet the prerequisites of a course (open or full)—prerequisite petition is required instead
  • You wish to register for a course concurrently with its prerequisite course—prerequisite petition is required instead
  • It is your 3rd attempt of the course—go to OASIS > Forms & Petitions > Multiple Repeat of a Course


How to request a PTA number for courses in PSC, PHI, CGS, and STS

Step 1     Email the instructor of the course you wish to add

Request consent to add the course and section; include the reason why 

Step 2     If the instructor grants their consent, forward the instructor's reply email to your major advising email

Once we process your email requesting a PTA number (with evidence of instructor consent), you will receive an email with a PTA number