Transfer Credit

Yellow Cluster Advising coordinates the review of potentially equivalent courses in psychology, philosophy, and cognitive science. Utilize these steps and resources to learn how your transfer credit may fulfill your major requirements.

Institution Type Resource
California Community College—all courses transfer as lower division (except CHE 118)

Out of state;

refer to the advising office for the UCD department offering the potentially equivalent course
(e.g. Psychology Advising (Yellow Cluster) for psychology courses; Chemistry Advising for chemistry courses)


Step 1     Obtain the syllabus for the transferred course
Step 2     Identify the PSC, PHI, or CGS course that is most similar to your course

Lower division courses are unlikely to transfer as UCD upper division (100-199) 

Step 3     Request an Articulation Review

  • Email us
  • Include the syllabus of your transferred course
  • Include the title of the similar UCD course