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Enjoy the perks of attending a top research university—Undergraduate Research! Explore this page to learn about opportunities for research in Psychology and Cognitive Science students.

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    ♦  This list contains most labs that are run by the faculty in the Psychology Department
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    ♦  Faculty may choose to list their lab on this page when they are looking to hire. This list is limited, because many faculty choose other methods to announce when they are hiring
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  • The Psychology Faculty List is a great way to find lab information for a particular professor, and this page allows you to filter faculty by their sub-areas of psychology. Each professor's lab website is linked below their name.
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  • Some faculty run their labs and experiments in Young Hall. For some labs, you might be working remotely, and location will not matter. Some research is exclusively conducted at other locations. Some labs are affiliated with a research center, while other labs are run by faculty outside of Psychology, such as Neurobiology and Psychiatry professors.

    Center for Mind & Brain   |   Center for Neuroscience   |   MIND Institute   |   Primate Center
  • Cognitive Science labs
  • ♦ The Cognitive Science Faculty list shows faculty from across campus who conduct research related to CGS
    ♦  Many Psychology Faculty conduct research related to cognition, perception, and neuroscience. This list is pre-sorted for these topics.
    ♦  Our associated facilities focus in mind/brain research: Center for Mind & Brain,  Center for Neuroscience,  MIND Institute,  Primate Center

Undergraduate Research Application

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Application Schedule

  • Next quarter lab positions (PREFERRED): Apply by the last day of instruction in the current quarter
  • Current quarter lab positions: Applications are sent to faculty on a rolling basis, typically once a month
  • Summer: Applications are accepted for Fall lab hiring. Labs rarely hire new Research Assistants for summer positions; however, to apply for summer positions, inquire with the lab that interests you.
  • The application closes for processing during finals week each quarter.

Prepare for the Application

  • Choose 1–3 labs
  • ♦  Utilize the "Explore All Labs" resources at the top of this page to learn more about our labs. 
    ♦  On the application, you will identify the lab(s) that interest you by selecting the faculty member who is associated with the lab.
    ♦  After selecting a faculty member, you must answer: What interests you about working with this faculty member and their research team? 
    ♦  To prepare for this question, we recommend that you review all information on the lab website, and read the abstracts of the most recent articles published by the research team. Articles/publications are often included on the lab website.
  • Share a CV or résumé
  • ♦  The application will require you to upload your résumé to your own personal Google Drive or Box.
    ♦  You must copy/paste the shareable link or share link URL to share your résumé file/folder. Check that your file sharing settings allow us to access your files.
    ♦  The Internship & Career Center offers CV/Résumé support on their website!
  • Share an unofficial transcript
  • ♦  The application will require you to upload a copy of your unofficial transcript to your own personal Google Drive or Box.
    ♦  You must copy/paste the shareable link or share link URL to share your transcript file. Check that your file sharing settings allow us to access your files.
    ♦  To access your UC Davis unofficial transcript, follow this path:
        MyUCDavis portal > Academics tab > Student Record > Academics > Unofficial Transcript
    ♦  If you are a new transfer student, you may share a copy of your transcript(s) from your previous institution(s). 
  • Undocumented students are welcome to apply
  • Many labs in Psychology and Cognitive Science do not take immigration status into consideration. For further questions, feel free to email labs directly.


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