Key Requests



The person to whom a key/access card is issued.


A Psychology faculty member/principal investigator or Yellow Cluster Administrative Staff member who authorizes the issue of a key to a keyholder.

Rules for Keyholders

  1. Do not ever loan your key/access card to others. If you need to grant access to someone who does not have a key, contact one of the Yellow Cluster administrative staff.
  2. Report loss or theft of keys/access cards immediately to the Yellow Cluster administrative staff.
  3. Keyholders and key sponsors are responsible for loss of UCD or building property traceable to their keys.
  4. When the keyholder's affiliation with the Psychology ends, the keyholder must return their key in person to one of the Yellow Cluster administrative staff.

Access Control Request Procedure

  1. All access control requests must be submitted online via the Key Request Form.
  2. When a new key is issued, whether initially or in response to a lost key, the Aggie Enterprise account specified on the Key Request Form for the keyholder will be charged for the cost of the key (currently $9) UNLESS the sponsor has available keys that have been returned and are available to be re-issued.