Faculty Advisors for Undergraduates in Psychology, Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and Science & Technology Studies

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  • Should I contact an academic advisor or the faculty advisor in my major?
  • It depends on what you need!

    Academic advisors assist students with planning courses, major requirements, and preparing for graduation and career goals. They also know about other departments and resources on campus and can refer you based on your needs. → contact major advising

    Faculty advisors can help students understand the pedagogy of the major curricula and a career in academia and/or research. Students may need their approval on various forms (see below). 


Psychology (PSC)

Dr. Joy Geng, Professor, Vice Chair

Joy Geng

jgeng@ucdavis.edu  |  view Dr. Geng's full profile

Reviews the following forms:

  • PSC 194HAB Honors Thesis application
  • PSC 192 Internship application

Philosophy (PHI)

Dr. Rohan French, Assoc. Professor, Faculty Advisor

Rohan French


rfrench@ucdavis.edu  |  view Dr. French's full profile

Advises undergrads about:

  • PHI 194HAB Honors Thesis
  • Research opportunities in Philosophy

Cognitive Science (CGS)

Dr. Zoe Drayson, Assoc. Professor, Program Director

Zoe Drayson


zdrayson@ucdavis.edu  |  view Dr. Drayson's full profile

Advises undergrads about:

  • CGS 194HAB Honors Thesis
  • CGS 192 Internships
  • Research opportunities in Cognitive Science
  • Exploring grad school options in Cognitive Science

Science & Technology Studies (STS)

Dr. Gerardo Con Diaz, Assoc. Professor, Faculty Advisor

gerardo con diaz

condiaz@ucdavis.edu  |  view Dr. Con Diaz's full profile

Advises undergrads about:

  • STS 194AB Thesis
  • STS 192 Internships
  • Planning STS Emphasis and major courses based on career goals
  • Exploring career options in STS
  • Research opportunities in STS
  • Exploring grad school options in STS

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