Prerequisites ensure that students are fully prepared to understand the subject matter of a course and prepare students for success in the course. Use these resources to navigate the prerequisites of PSC, PHI, CGS, and STS courses. 

Registering for a course that has prerequisites

Step 1     Use the University Catalog or Schedule Builder to identify the prerequisites of any course

Read carefully. Some prerequisites require a certain letter grade; some may be taken concurrently.

Step 2     If you have completed the listed prerequisites, you may register. If not, then follow Step 3.
Step 3     Attempt to register for the course, and Schedule Builder will prompt you to submit a Prerequisite Petition.

Petitions are more successful if you have evidence of equivalent coursework; read more on transfer credit here.

Completing a Prerequisite Petition (once prompted in Schedule Builder)

Address all prerequisites required for the course. Plan to include the following:

  • institution and term when course(s) was taken
  • course number and title
  • the grade(s) you earned
  • equivalent UCD course(s) or potentially equivalent course(s)
  • screenshots, syllabi, courses descriptions, and/or other documents as needed

Prerequisite petitions are reviewed approximately one week prior to the start of the quarter. 

  • Example 1     You have equivalent transfer credit
  • ♦   If your transfer credit is not yet reflected in your UC Davis record, provide evidence as attachments

    PSC 165 Clinical Psychology (Prerequisites: PSC 001; PSC 041; PSC 140 or PSC 151)
    I scored a 5 on the AP Psychology exam and got credit for PSC 001. I completed PSYCH 7 Research Methods (B grade) at Woodland Community College in Fall 2017, which transfers as PSC 041. I completed PSYC 3140 Developmental Psych (A grade) at CSU Stanislaus in Summer 2019, which counts as PSC 140, see the attached email from my advisor.
  • Example 2     You are unsure if your transfer credit is equivalent to the prerequisites
  • ♦   Justify how your transfer credit is similar to the prerequisite
    ♦   In addition to your prerequisite petition, pursue course equivalency by requesting a review of your transferred course

    Note: Community college courses are lower division and will not transfer as UCD upper division (100–199)

    PHI 112 Advanced Symbolic Logic (Prerequisites: PHI 012 C- or better)
    I completed PH 160 Reason & Argument (B- grade) at Boston University in Spring 2013. This course covered the same topics as PHI 012, like syntax, semantics, and proofs. See the attached syllabus.
  • Example 3     You have NOT completed the prerequistes and do NOT have relevant transfer credit
  • ♦   Justify how you are prepared to succeed in the course

    PSC 159 Gender & Human Reproduction (Prerequisites: PSC 001; PSC 041)
    I have not taken the prerequisites, but I believe I can be successful. I have taken lots of biology and chemistry courses for my Genetics major, which I think has prepared me to handle topics of scientific method. Many of my NPB courses have a focus in human behavior. I plan to pursue a career as a genetic counselor, so I am motivated to do well in this course. 


Here is what you will see in Schedule Builder: 

Error Message
Schedule Builder will prompt you to submit a prerequisite petition

Schedule Builder error message that prompts you to submit a prerequisite petition


Prerequisite Petition Form
This form is in Schedule Builder only; you can create a draft this form before your Pass 1 begins

Prerequisite Petition in Schedule Builder; you can complete this form before your Pass 1 begins