COVID-19 Impacted Travel

March 25, 2020

Hi Everyone,

As many of you have already been dealing with, conferences and events are being cancelled nationwide due to the presence of Coronavirus. If you’ve registered a trip with UCD Travel Insurance, you need to file a claim with them as soon as possible. More info here. Please note that this is only for events that have been cancelled by organizers, not self-cancelled.

Senior Engagements - Clear your major advising hold!

September 20, 2019
Educational Opportunity and Enrichment
  • Meet with a Success Coach
  • Attend the "Naming Your Purpose" workshop
  • Attend the "Upgrade Your Goal" workshop
Internship and Career Center
  • Drop in or make an appointment with an advisor
  • attend a workshop/fair: Resume/interview/cover letter basics, Find a Job, Networking & LinkedIn
Pre-Grad/Law Advising
  • Drop in or make an appointment with an advisor to learn about pursuing: MBA, PhD, MA, Teaching Credential, or attending law school (JD)
  • Participate in the APPLY-A-T

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November 21, 2016
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