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Can I really do ANYTHING with a degree in Philosophy?

Underneath it all, there is philosophy

What can I do with a degree in Philosophy? Often students hear that they can do anything with a degree in Philosophy. If hearing that advice has ever left you wanting more, you're not alone!

Many jobs and careers require a degree, but not necessarily in a specific field. Many employers are seeking candidates with any degree, because any bachelor's degree shows that a candidate:

  1.   Can read with good comprehension,
  2.   Can write effectively,
  3.   Has experience with public speaking,
  4.   Has worked in a team or group,
  5.   Can follow instructions and processes, and
  6.   Knows something about worldviews and perspectives different than their own.

Your choice of major can lead to a wide variety of jobs where your experience and connections are what set you apart. This is why you might have heard people tell you to "get involved" and to "network" while in college—because those things are really important!

Sometimes, it's up to you to explain how your major applies to the job you want. Every career field and scholarly discipline involves philosophy. Their mission, beliefs, and reason for existing—it's all philosophy. You got this!