Mandatory Advising

Interacting with an academic advisor early in your university career, and every year, can enhance your college success.

Our objective is to help you achieve your personal and academic goals. Mandatory advising is one of the ways that your major and college advisors can ensure that you get the most out of your experience at UC Davis. Please review the specific instructions below regarding your specific mandatory advising requirement.


Find your primary advisor

Stacie Jenkins
Last Names: A–Flo
Alissa Magorian
Last Names: Flp–Lec
Rachel Hale
Last Names: Led–Rio
Jillian Hancock
Last Names: Rip–Z

Stacie Jenkins

Alissa Magorian

Rachel Hale

Jillian Hancock


Second-Year Students (Sophomores)

The goal of this registration hold is to ensure that you are making progress toward your major requirements and to connect you with helpful resources and opportunities in your major.

You DO NOT need an appointment and DO NOT need to meet with an advisor to remove your hold. Just follow the steps below. 

All steps must be completed by Friday, May 21, 2021. Holds will become effective starting June 11.

Steps to Remove Hold
  • Step 1: Learn how to create an Academic Plan in OASIS
  • Watch our video OR attend a workshop

    Academic Plan Workshops (via Zoom)
    Week 2: Tuesday, April 6, 3-4pm
    Week 4: Wednesday, April 21, 11-12pm
    Week 6: Thursday, May 6, 1-2pm
    Week 8: Monday, May 17, 3-4pm

    Note: Academic Plan Workshops cannot count as a campus engagement activity for Step 3.
  • Step 2: Create & Submit your Academic Plan form in OASIS
  • Deadline: Friday, May 21, 2021

    Refer to Step 1 to learn how to create an OASIS Academic Plan
  • Step 3: Participate in ONE campus engagement and tell us about it
  • Deadline: Friday, May 21, 2021

    **IMPORTANT**  After you have done a campus engagement activity, you must tell us about it on our Sophomore Engagement Google Form.

    A campus engagement activity allows you to explore the many opportunities at UC Davis to get involved and discover your passion. These activities enrich your college learning experience and help you explore new interests. Below are some examples of campus engagements. You just need to PICK ONE:
    ♦  Join a student organization!
    ♦  Attend an event from a Student Life Community Center
    ♦  Learn about and get involved in Undergraduate Research
         »  Learn more about Psychology & Cognitive Science Research Labs by attending a Peer-Advising Workshop
         »  Attend Discovery Café or other events led by the Undergraduate Research Center
    ♦  Participate in an Internship & Career Center event
         »  Interested in Psychology Internships? Join a Peer-Advising Workshop
    ♦  Attend a Health Professions Advising event
    ♦  Attend a Pre-Graduate Advising event
    ♦  Get involved in ASUCD.  

    Note: Academic Plan Workshops (from Step 1) cannot count as a campus engagement activity.

Your hold will be removed within 3 weeks of completing all steps of Mandatory Advising.

First-Year Transfer Students

The goal of mandatory advising for new transfer students is to ensure that you have the opportunity to meet your major advisor, develop an academic plan for your major classes, and discuss helpful resources and ways to get involved.

  • Steps to Clear Hold
  • To clear this hold, you must make an appointment with a staff advisor in the PSC, PHI, STS, CGS Advising Center (Yellow Cluster Advising). Peer advisors cannot clear this hold, and drop-in hours will not meet the mandatory advising appointment requirement. 

    Before attending your appointment, you will need to: (1) save a Degree Worksheet in OASIS that includes your completed and in-progress courses and (2) create an Academic Plan Form in OASIS that includes all remaining major requirements.
  • Timeline (2020)
  • Mandatory advising for first-year transfer students takes place in Fall Quarter.
    October 12:  Major advising appointments become available. 
    You may book an appointment using the UC Davis Appointment System. Staff appointments are bookable two weeks into the future. Be sure to click "Next" to view next week's appointments. After you meet with a major advisor, your hold will be cleared within one week.
    December 11:  Appointments must be completed
    by December 11 (end of week 10). It is important that you complete all mandatory advising steps by this deadline so that your registration is not blocked after that date.  

    December 15Your mandatory advising hold becomes active. If this hold is not resolved by December 15, it will prevent changes to your Winter schedule and future registration. Prior to December 15, you will be able to add, change, and drop classes as usual.
  • Planning to Switch Majors?
  • If you are planning to switch majors outside of Psychology, Cognitive Science, Philosophy, or Science & Technology Studies, please notify us via email (below), and we’ll clear your hold. We also recommend that you communicate with your intended major’s advising office for further academic planning. 
    Cognitive Science:
    Science & Technology Studies:


The goal of this mandatory advising is to ensure that you: (1) are on track to graduate, (2) plan for your transition out of college, and (3) finalize your next steps towards your professional goals.

First-Year Students (Freshmen)

First-year students (who are not transfer students) will meet with a college advisor in the College of Letters and Science, Undergraduate Education and Advising. More information about your first year hold can be found HERE