COVID-19 Resources for Staff & Faculty

Due to COVID-19 concerns the Yellow Cluster staff are working remotely. Please see below for business processes that have been impacted by COVID-19 and how the Yellow Cluster team is currently handling them. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Yellow Cluster Staff if you have any questions or concerns. 

Getting Campus Ready

Please visit the Campus Ready website for the most up to date information on campus preparations for returning to campus work. Take some time to explore the site for remote work resources, information on flexible work options, and what steps you will need to take when considering returning to campus. 

Future Travel

As the country moves forward with re-opening and you begin to think about future travel, please regularly visit Global Affairs for current travel policies and university recommended actions. Always alert your business office of your travel plans and ensure that your trip is registered with UCD Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance

All travel from here on out needs to be registered with UCD Travel Insurance. In the case that more events are cancelled, they can help cover travel reimbursements up to $2,000. Registering your trip also allows the university to be able to contact you in light of unforeseen circumstances (natural disasters, medical emergencies, etc.). Even when travel conditions are relatively normal, you should register all trips with UCD Travel Insurance because you never know when you’ll need to use it. If you currently have a trip planned that has not been cancelled, please take the time now to register your trip just in case. You cannot retroactively register a trip that has already been cancelled.

  • If Your Trip Gets Cancelled
  • If you find yourself in a situation where you are seeking reimbursement on a trip that has been registered, you must submit a claim with UCD Travel insurance first. Instructions for submitting claims can be found here

    In any instance of an event or trip getting cancelled, it is up to travelers to contact whichever booking service used (direct from airline, BCD, AggieTravel, hotels, conference registrations, etc.) to try and obtain a refund. Proof of this attempt plus the response from the airline/hotel/conference needs to be provided when submitting a claim to travel insurance or requesting reimbursement from Business Offices.

Reimbursement for Travel Impacted by COVID-19

If a business trip is cancelled due to COVID-19 and you did not register your trip with UCD Travel Insurance, you may still be able to receive reimbursement through the Business Office. You must receive approval from your department chair and take the correct steps to reduce costs as much as possible. Here are some general guidelines for how to handle cancelled events and reimbursement:

  • Information for All Expenses
  • You will need to provide proof that the event has been cancelled, this can be a screenshot or email from event organizers. You will also need to provide proof that refunds for travel expenses will not be issued. You will also need to alert your department chair/faculty adviser and business office. All COVID-19 related expenses must include this project code: (COVID19) COVID 19 Expenses. If you are submitting your own expense report, please have a business office staff member approve it before submitting.
  • When Travel Credit is Issued
  • Whenever any type of travel credit is issued, you must submit a statement (on university letterhead or via email) that states the following: a) The travel provider will only issue a credit, not cash, as a result of COVID-19. b) If the credit is used before it expires, it will be used for UC business and the traveler will not seek additional reimbursement. If the credit is used for personal travel, the traveler will reimburse UC Davis. This statement should be submitted to your business office contact who will then forward it along with all relevant expense report information to the Dean's Office for approval. 
  • Airfare
  • If booked through BCD or CTS: Unfortunately, there is no way to get these flights refunded. These expenses will still show up in AggieTravel and need to be cleared within 60 days of the intended travel date. You will need to reach out to BCD/CTS helpdesk to let them know that you will not be taking this flight. Credit will be issued and can only be used by the original traveler within one year of the purchase date. Please use this credit for future business-related travel. If the credit is used for a personal trip that does not relate to the university you will need to reimburse UC Davis. Once the credit is used, an additional expense report will need to be created that references the original airfare purchase and the traveler will not be reimbursed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your business office for help or advice. 

    If purchased independently: It is your responsibility to reach out to the airline and work out receiving credit/changing flights to a later date. If there is no way to receive a refund/credit or change the flight, we will consider reimbursement on a case-by-case basis.

  • Lodging
  • Please cancel all hotel reservations as soon as you find out that an event has been cancelled. Most hotels have a cancellation cut-off date that helps avoid fees. In some cases where the cancellation cut-off date is missed, the hotel will only charge one night of stay or a flat cancellation fee. In the event that fees are applied or no refund is available we can still reimburse these costs. You will need to provide proof of cancellation and a receipt for the billing.
  • Other Non-Reimbursable Expenses
  • Other non-reimbursable expenses such as registration fees can still be covered. Please provide a receipt and proof that these fees cannot be reimbursed.
**If your travel insurance claim is denied or you did not register for UCD Travel Insurance, plan on using whichever account you would have normally used to reimburse these expenses.

Mail Service

With most people on campus working remotely, the UC Davis Mail Division has moved to Will Call service only until further notice. 

  • How Yellow Cluster is Handling Mail
  • During this service, Business Office staff members will pick up mail for all departments on Mondays. If you receive anything that seems urgent we will contact you directly. Mail that is not deemed urgent (advertisements, catalogs, journals, etc.) will be held until we physically return to our offices. Please note that Business Office staff will not be picking up or delivering packages at this time. If we are told about any delivered packages, we will notify the recipient. However, it is ultimately the recipient's responsibility to follow up with Mail Services if they are expecting a package.

    **Please note that if you are expecting a delivery to the CMB via USPS, that the carrier has been notified to hold all mail at the post office.  Business Office staff plan on picking up the mail regularly, and will contact those who receive any deliveries.

    If you would like to know what you have received or request that your mail be left at the Mail Division please email
  • Picking Up Your Own Mail
  • If you are expecting a package or would rather not have your mail held you may pick it up yourself from the Mail Division at the Hopkins Services Complex: 615 Hopkins Rd., Davis, CA 9561 (across from the university airport--see image below). They are remaining open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. 

    To avoid wait times or unnecessary trips, you can call ahead of time at 530-752-9182. Give your department and name. They will let you know if you have items available and pull your mail to have it at the front desk for you when you arrive.

    ​Please reach out to your Business Office Contact if you have any additional questions.

    Mail Division Directions

    Mail Division Hopkins Services Comple